Program Coordinator

Neville Fernandes



A ministry of compassion and reconciliation offered two or three times a year by the parish to welcome Catholics Home.

What is it?

A six week program

Offering an entry point for non-practising Catholics to reconnect to a faith community where:

* their stories of pain, hurt & rejection can be shared without judgment & in a supportive environment.

* their concerns & questions can be met or directed to the appropriate people.

* they can feel comfortable to participate once more in the sacramental life of the Faith community.

Who can run the Program?

A small team of 2-3 people who have heart of compassion and mercy and a non-judgmental attitude toward others can run such a program. Those who have been returning Catholics themselves or have experienced the marriage annulment process are ideally suited to such a ministry.

It is not necessary that team members are theologically trained, but rather have a gentle, listening spirit that is welcoming and affirming of others.