Music Ministry

Music Ministry Coordinators

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Sandra Mollica

Coordinator at OLQP

Email Sandra direct at:

Gai Claridge & Simon Janda

Coordinators at SCB


Music ministers assist in adding beauty and solemnity to the Eucharistic celebration and other liturgies.

The musical accompaniment they provide unifies all those assembled in praise and worship of God.


There are various roles within the music ministry:

Music Planners

  • carefully select the appropriate musical accompaniment for masses and liturgies.


  • provide the musical accompaniment that supports and encourages the singers and assembly’s voice.


  • assist and encourage the assembly in singing along with the cantor and musician.


  • are responsible for leading the assembly’s singing at a given Mass. The Cantor typically sings the Psalm and encourages the assembly to sing the response.

AV operators

  • run the computer during mass


Music ministers need to:

    • spend time choosing appropriate hymns and mass settings.

    • practice at regular rehearsals.

    • play and sing with joy and enthusiasm

    • Use their artistic gifts and skills to assist the assembly to express their faith through sacred music.

    • To be prepared to participate in on-going training and formation.

    • The music ministry is a vital part of the parish.

    • It does require a certain degree of commitment as you usually have to arrive quite early before mass

    • and there are also rehearsals at various times.

Variety of Music :-

  • One group plays at many of the Sunday morning masses and plays a mix of contemporary and traditional music

  • Another group sings more traditional music and also has a choir that sings in parts about once per month.

  • On Sunday nights the youth sing more contemporary music.

  • there are soloists that sing at both churches and school children are also encouraged to become involved at some masses.

New musicians and singers

  • are always welcome as there are 6 masses in the parish every weekend and we often struggle to have enough musicians and singers.

  • We really encourage you to come and find out how you could contribute your musical gifts to the parish.

Audiovisual Operators

Our parish utilises overhead projection of the lyrics and prayers for our masses. This has enabled us to encourage greater participation by the congregation in our prayers and responses and has also allowed the introduction of hymns and songs that are not in the church hymn book.

  • We need competent AV operators to run the computer during mass.

  • It is not a difficult ministry as long as you have average computer skills but is really important.

  • Participants go on a roster and often attend 1-2 masses per month.

  • They are required to come about 10 mins before mass to check the computer is all set up. Usually a musician is present to guide them when to change the slides.

  • It is particularly a great ministry for young people to use their skills and participate in the mass.

  • Children from year 5 upwards are welcome.