Ministry of the Word

Ministry of the Word Coordinators

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Fil Agostino

Josie Minni

The role of the Ministers of the Word is to proclaim the Word of God to the assembly and lead the prayers of the faithful. As a Minister of the Word you will not simply be reading the scriptures, but helping the assembly hear the Word of God. Through your proclamation God speaks to His people.

To effectively proclaim the Scriptures, you need:

Faith in the word of God

A love of the Scriptures and an understanding of the power that they have to heal, guide and bring light out of darkness and new life out of death.

To spend the time that is needed to prepare by

    • reading over the passages, praying with them, reading scriptural commentaries on the passages to gain a deeper understanding of the passages you are reading so that the message is conveyed to the assembly.
    • practising reading the passages aloud.
    • The skills to read in public and employ various speech techniques.
    • To be prepared to participate in on-going training and formation.